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Darovoe is a small village in Zaraysk belonged to the Dostoevskys and their relatives in the 1831-1929. It’s a place, where Fydor Dostoevsky spent his childhood.

It’s a center of his biography and works.  It’s a place of his “cradle of creativity”.

Fydor Dostoevsky spent his childhood with the Russian nature, with the life of the country manor and the peasants in Darovoe. His childhood experience reflected later in his works.

Nowadays, the Darovoe manor is the structure of the State historical-architectural, artistic and archaeological museum "Zaraysk Kremlin" as the object of federal significance.

In Darovoe preserved natural and historical landscape in the form, in which it’s loved and remembered forever by Dostoevsky.

Partially saved landmark shaft, park, orchard and pond appeared thanks to the Dostoevskys in Darovoe.

Outbuilding of the Darovoe manor

Outbuilding of the Darovoe manor


Dostoevskys built their house after the fire in 1832. Later outbuilding was erected on the foundation of their house. There is a photo exhibition “Dorovoe in Dostoevsky’s life” in this outbuilding.

The monument to Dostoyevsky was unveiled here in 1993

Памятник Ф.М. Достоевскому в Даровом

The monument to Dostoyevsky in Darovoе

Walk through the manor leaves a lasting impression: visitors can take those trails, where ran barefoot teenager Fyodor Dostoevsky, to touch the centuries-old oaks and lindens, which "remember" the little Fedor, with their own eyes to see his favorite place of his games in his childhood - "Fedya’s grove."

Липовая роща в Даровом

A grove of linden trees in Darovoe